Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Risky Business

Before (Betwixt Novella #0.5) is due out this Friday!! I must admit I am both excited and nervous about the release.

I'm excited because I know many Betwixt fans have eagerly been awaiting more of the unassuming hero, Dale. It has been so much fun working with him again and writing about his "bad boy" years.

Here's why I'm nervous. This is the riskiest thing I've ever written. In order to capture Dale's true story, I felt it was really important to show him going through some of his experiences. Having never written sex scenes before and always being very careful about the language I use, I had to throw caution to the wind on this one. It was a struggle, but I kept coming back to the same point - glossing over Dale's experiences stole some of the impact from his story. I needed to be realistic and show the readers what it was really like for him.

Now don't get me wrong - the sex scenes are not detailed and the language is there, but only when necessary. This is still a YA story and I was very mindful of that. I have tried to be wise with my writing choices, however the book has a warning. Before is written for mature readers due to its content. I really hope everyone who loved Betwixt will also love Before. Dale is a fantastic character and knowing his history makes him all the more loveable, in my opinion.

If you're a writer - have you ever pushed the boundaries with scenes and characters you never thought you'd write about?

As a reader - have you ever read something you thought you never would and been pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable or moving it was?

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  1. First, let me say... Good luck! Second, let me say writing about sex is the HARDEST and most NERVE-RACKING thing I've ever tried to write and publish. Like you, I feel the absence of it in some situations makes the story feel like it stops when it should keep going, and believe me, I got plenty of those comments from my frustrated readers.

    In response, I decided to test the waters by writing a new adult book separate from my YA series. I had hives the first week of Grave Bound's release. I waited for comments telling the scenes were awkward. I got just the opposite. I've since written another new adult book, Left, and the feedback I've gotten over the sex scenes has been positive (extremely positive).

    Now, I'm going back to the YA series. I will try to embed some of what I've learned while writing new adult into my YA series without crossing the YA lines. No matter what, I will definitely explore situations... allow characters to relish in the moment rather than abruptly ending the scene and having them move on.

    Again, good luck! ❤

    1. Thanks so much. What awesome comments. I love reading about your experience. I think there is something to be said about showing readers a little so they can really pick up on the emotion of a scene :)

  2. I'm embroiled in that debate right now with the HR I'm writing. It's adult/NA, but I'm waffling about how detailed to get re: the wedding night scene. Problem is, the way I set my hero up as a virgin with some bedroom skills (long story), I feel like I have to follow through or disappoint the reader. I know *I* hate it when an author sets something up and then doesn't follow through.

    *shrugs* You have to do what the story needs. It sounds like you took care to go far enough without going overboard.

    Got a copy, by the way. Can't wait to read it. :)

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Melissa. Good luck with your scenes. I know I get disappointed when I writer sets me up for something then doesn't follow through. I'm sure you'll find the right balance.