Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unseen Character Intros - Levi, Raquel and Toban

I always wanted Jethro to have siblings. When I was coming up with who Jethro was and the type of family he came from, I knew it would be a solid family, filled with members that loved each other. Jethro's younger brother quickly appeared. He originally had a different name, but the more he appeared in scenes, the more I knew I could name after only person - my nephew, Levi.

Levi is twelve, although desperately wants to keep up with his older brother. He yearns for adventure and constantly wants to prove himself. He is an able fighter, thanks to his father's training, and dreams of being a brave knight. But underneath it all, he is actually a tenderhearted kid. I really grew to love him.

Once again, with this series, two characters I never planned on came to life...and became really important characters in these books.

Raquel and Toban are siblings, the only children to Ezekiel, whose wife died when the children were young.

Raquel is seventeen. She is a sweet, compassionate person who has taken care of the family since her mother died. She was only eleven years old at the time, but being a mature, sensible soul, she took the role on without much trouble. Everyone who knows her talks about her kind heart. She is quiet and can easily be passed by, but there is an incredible strength within this girl that I came to love and admire.

Toban is eleven. He is a fiery child who has always dreamed of adventure, much like his friend, Levi. The two boys scurry around the city together, wanting to be part of what the men are up to. Although Toban is six years younger than his sister, he is very protective of her. I love his tenacity and courage.

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