Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unknown Character Intros - Two Very Special Children

I don't want to give too much away, but I can't not mention two very special children in this story....

Adamar and Mya.

I love these two. They are magical little humans that bring the story to life and help Kyla and Jethro through some of their most desperate times along the way.

Kyla and Jethro discover Adamar in the Canyon Lands. He is a peaceful kid with deep dimples and a ready smile. He has a way with people and can calm down any situation. He loves animals and animals love him.

Mya appears in the Forest of Gesham. In spite of her petite stature and adorable smile, her eyes sparkle with a wisdom beyond her years. She is very in tune with nature. To me, she is a little ray of sunshine and I've adored writing all my scenes with her.

So that's it with the character introductions. I've had so much fun giving you little snippets about these people and letting you into The Element world.

Next week, look out for a pre-release giveaway!

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