Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Unknown Character Intros - People in Mezrah

So far I have highlighted the three main characters and other key characters from Taramon.

Today I want to highlight some people from Mezrah - the eastern city and the home of King Ashan, a powerful force of darkness that threatens to take over the world.

Mordekai - used to be a well-respected seer until he became obsessed with the prophecy. He has a strong belief that the God of Light will return and save the world from King Ashan's reign. He has a good soul and clings to his faith with a stubborn tenacity.

Nikara - Mordekai's apprentice. In spite of the evil that dwells in Mezrah, she loves her home. She has dreams of a grander life than living with the ageing seer. She is a talented woman and secretly dabbles with magic when Mordekai is not looking.

Safeer - the ambassador of King Ashan. He is an arrogant man who loves the power of working for King Ashan. He takes great delight in visiting Taramon on a monthly basis and seeing the queen and councilmen squirm as he dishes out more orders from his mighty ruler.

King Ashan - has become more beast than man, therefore I have no image to represent him. He is fuelled by a potent elixir brewed by a powerful sorcerer in the heart of the Black Forest. He has become an ominous threat. People are terrified of him. His evil is beyond compare. Nothing pleases him more than seeing people suffer. His only weakness, a fear that the prophecy might in fact be true.

Tomorrow I'll do my final character introductions...there are two very special people I'd like you to meet.


  1. Ben Kinglsey is perfect! I must admit to picturing Safeer has a bit older and a lot uglier! lol

    1. That's what I love about reading. Everyone sees things a little differently :D