Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Unknown Character Intros - People in Taramon

Yesterday I highlighted the three main characters in this story: Kyla, Jethro and Athra. They all come from the city of Taramon, so I wanted to highlight a few key people from the northern city.

Taramon is filled with good-hearted, hard working people. It has been a pillar of light for centuries, but is now suffering under the threat of a very dark reign from the eastern city, Mezrah.

Some of the key characters from this city are:

Queen Elaina - Kyla's mother and the matriarch of the city. When her husband, King Heron, was killed in battle the full responsibility of power fell on her. This was something she was very unprepared for. In an effort to keep her people safe, she made what she thought was the best decision and signed a treaty with Mezrah. Now Taramon must submit to constant demands placed on them by Mezrah's king - Ashan. In spite of her loss, she has proven to be a strong woman and is doing her best to train her reluctant daughter in the ways of governance.

Varon - The queen's right hand man and Athra's father. He has been a tower of strength for the queen since her husband passed. They have become close friends and she always turns to him for advice before making any major decisions.

Benyamin - Jethro's father. Athra's uncle. Varon's brother-in-law. He is a good man with a solid faith. Injured in King Heron's war, he walks with a marked limp, but he has not let the injury overcome him. People in the city look up to him. He is a member of the queen's council.

There are obviously many other characters from Taramon, but these three play a significant role in this trilogy. I'll let you meet a few other key characters before the release of Unseen.

Tomorrow I'll introduce you to four very important characters from the city of Mezrah.


  1. Ooh I like your choice for Benyamin... he's rather attractive ;)