Friday, April 19, 2013

Editing - Is It Money Well Spent?

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When I published my first book in 2011, I didn't have any money. My cover designer let me pay her off over a year as I started earning money for sales and I did everything else myself...including my own editing. 

Now that I have a little cash in the bank and I have learned a few hard lessons, I can safely say, that I think you should always use an editor. I have recently paid for my first book, Golden Blood, to be proof-read by a professional. It has felt so good to republish the book without all those mistakes in it. Black Blood and Pure Blood are also being re-edited and will be re-published very soon.

I think a lack of quality editing can really tarnish a book. 

First and foremost, you need a structural edit. I use my critique readers for this - fellow authors who know what they're talking about. They really help me find all the holes in my story and ask me thought provoking questions that make my work better.

Secondly, you need a line edit. I pay a professional for this service. I have used a couple of different people and I'm not opposed to using a little variety here. Sometimes it's good to get a fresh perspective from a different set of eyes for your different projects. The lady who is working on my Elements Trilogy (Laurie Boris) is brilliant and I love working with her. She has really lifted my writing by pointing out errors and sentence structures that don't work. 

Thirdly, you need a decent proof-reader. Until recently (with my Time Spirit Trilogy), I have never paid for this service, but I think I'm going to start. I am still horrified how many mistakes get missed in spite of the fact I've read my work multiple times, plus had others read it for me. Having someone who is awesome at proofing your work can only be a good thing.

Now, I know editing is a pricey business, but I figure if I'm aiming to produce quality, I should be putting my money into the thing that will help make my work quality. In my opinion, your budget should be spent on editing, cover design and a little paid advertising. So far, those financial outlays have given me the best results.

What is your take on editing?
Have you had good or bad experiences with your work and different editors?

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