Monday, February 18, 2013

Unknown Cover Reveal

I am skipping my "So Many Things To Tell You" post this month and instead dedicating it to my most important news.

Unknown now has a cover!!
Thank you so much to Ruth Little for modelling for me. You're gorgeous!! And thank you to the very talented Brenda Howson. What would I do without you? xx

It is with great pleasure, that I introduce you to my first YA Fantasy book. For a little fun, I'm doing a one off, old school fantasy series... and believe me, it is SO much fun. Although I am looking forward to returning to a more contemporary style next year, I am loving the swords, arrows, horse riding and adventure that comes with the series I'm creating.

I hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

Unknown is the first book in The Elements Trilogy and is due for release, June 2013.

Darkness is covering the land. As the city of Mezrah grows with power and greed, the rest of the world can only stand by and wait for their inevitable destruction. The only hope against this growing power is an ancient prophecy that people have stopped believing in.

Then a star begins to fall.

Princess Kyla of Taramon stopped believing in the power of light the day her father died. Trapped in a city she does not care for, under the watchful glare of her mother, the queen, she struggles to accept her fate.

Then a star begins to fall.

Jethro has loved Kyla for as long as he can remember. Learning that she was to marry his cousin drove a wedge between him and the feisty princess. Watching her from a distance is a torture he is unable to free himself from.

Then a star begins to fall, sparking an ember of hope and sending two seekers on a treacherous journey into the unknown.

If you'd like to add Unknown to your TBR, here is the Goodreads link.


  1. Congratulations! Dig the way the did the title.

  2. ITS a GORGEOUS cover, Melissa and it goes brilliantly with the story ;D
    ps. I'll email you by Friday x

    1. Yay!! I'm so glad you like it :) Can't wait for your e-mail :) x