Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's All About Love

I love to write. It's like I've finally discovered my passion in life... what I was born to do. When I write, time disappears. It's the first time in my life I've actually enjoyed studying a craft and there is no aspect of this writing journey that I do not enjoy... maybe formatting :-)

When I was working on the first draft of Betwixt, I couldn't help thinking about how incredibly lucky I am. Sure, writing takes a huge amount of effort and I pour hours of my time into producing books and then sharing them with the world. But then readers pay me to read them, so not only do I get to do what I love, but I get paid for it as well.

I know not everyone in the world can say that and I never want to take this fact for granted. Writing gives me so much, so for Betwixt, I've decided I want to give a little something back.

For every copy of Betwixt sold, I am donating $1 to a charity organisation - Love146.

These guys are working to try and prevent child exploitation and trafficking. They also work with the children that do get free, to help rehabilitate them and give them a chance at a future filled with hope.

Because Betwixt is all about being rescued and redeemed, I wanted to find a charity that works with helping to restore brokenness. I believe Love146 does an amazing job of this.

To give you a better idea, I asked a member of the American staff - Ryan Day - if I could interview him and give you a bit more insight about how they came to be and what they are doing.

How did Love146 first get started?
Love146 was founded in 2002 when co-founders Rob Morris, Lamont Hiebert, Desirea Rodgers and Caroline Hahm visited Southeast Asia on an exploratory trip to learn what they could do to fight child trafficking and exploitation. They were taken into a brothel with undercover investigators and encountered girls being sold for sex. From that point on, they've said, they had to do something.

How did you come up with the name Love146?
In the brothel, the co-founders said one girl stood out to them. She had had the dignity of a name taken from her and was instead given the number "146" as her only identification. The look in her eyes shook them from any apathy and they went to work immediately, taking her number to represent the millions of children still in situations of slavery.

What is the most impacting story you've experienced since working for Love146?
This is the most impactful story I've ever heard here at Love146: http://www.love146.org/blog/forgiving-their-father

When people hear the name Love146, what do you want them to think?
I want them to think of two things: First, the girl who wore number 146 and the millions of children still enslaved that she represents. Second, I want people to remember that love is powerful -- powerful enough to inspire people to rise up and do something. We've seen love work restoration and healing in the children we've encountered who have been through situations of trafficking and exploitation. We've also seen love motivate people generously so that hundreds, even thousands of children could be protected and defended.

If you'd like to find out more about Love146, you can follow the links below:

Thank you so much to all my supporters. Because of you, I get to do what I love for a living... and I get to give back to those in desperate need of love as well. I feel very privileged to be in this position.


  1. This is such a great idea! I absolutely love the cover for your new book and can't wait to get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I am giving away a Kindle or Nook (winners choice) if you are interested. There is only 1 day left to enter!

    Peace & Love
    Crystal @ YA Society

  2. Thanks, Crystal. I'm glad you like it. I'm really happy with the cover :)

    I will check out your giveaway. Thanks for that :)

  3. You're amazing, Mel - I absolutely take my hat off to you. An incredibly wonderful thing to do - and something that I support with all my heart. Good on you for doing this. I love the story behind Love 146 thank you for introducing me to it - I'm now a follower. Xx

    1. I just want to get a little more exposure for them. I think the work they do is amazing! Thanks for following them too. I get their e-mail updates with the most amazing stories coming through. It's awesome.