Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Melissa Pearl, Author of Forbidden Territory

Today is the final day of the tour. I have so enjoyed learning more about these awesome authors and sharing in the fun. I hope you have too.

I am the final author to share my bit, so today I thought I'd give you a little bio then tell you what I love so much about writing.

I have loved writing all my life. My imagination has always been on full alert and I have spent many days in a constant daydream as stories rush in and out of my brain. I never thought writing would be an option though. I'm not sure why, just the idea of becoming an author seemed so farfetched, I never really entertained it. At 23, my best friend, challenged me to write one of my stories. I started and couldn't stop. When I realized how much I loved it, I decided to take things a little more seriously and completed a two-year writing course plus read some excellent books on how to write good fiction. Ten years, and many manuscripts, later, I finally felt I had a story worth publishing.

Joining the indie writing movement and choosing to self-publish was a really hard decision, but I'm so glad I made it. I am loving every second of this ride. Sure, I find marketing really hard, but I am learning new things and meeting amazing people every day. I finally feel as though I'm doing what I was supposed to all along.

As obsessive as writing can be, I am lucky enough to have a very loving family who keeps my head out of the clouds. My gorgeous husband and two precious sons are the joy of my life. I love hanging out with them, playing with them and laughing at their hilarious antics. There is never a dull moment in my house, that's for sure!

I feel very blessed and privileged to be living this life. I know there are many challenges and triumphs ahead of me. Bring it on!

And what do I love about writing?

I love stepping into another world and acting out scenarios and dreaming up situations that I would never experience myself. I love getting emotionally drawn into my character's worlds, feeling what they feel and experiencing their heart ache, their hopes, and the anger and frustration that comes with each conflict.

Being able to create something from scratch is the best feeling in the world. I think reading can be an awesome escape from life's crappiness... and writing is the same for me. It is a break from reality... a chance to live a different life, if only for a short while.

To find out a few more nuggets about me and enter to win one of seven prize packs, please check out the links below.

Happy touring everyone :)

Tomorrow we will be announcing the winners and dishing out some very cool prizes. Wohoo!! Love that part :)

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