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L. M. Preston, Author of The Pack: Retribution

Day five has me introducing L. M. Preston. This is one cool writer. She has been so supportive and pro-active in making things happen and spreading the word about this sampler book. She is the release party queen and I am very happy to have her visiting today.

I have asked her to share something of the first book she ever wrote and also tell us her future plans.

Explorer X-Alpha was the story that started it all for me. Here's an excerpt from it:

Eirena raced quickly across the terrain. Her sphere was turning from white to a soft orange in color, indicating that time was ticking away.  

Eirena raced across the clear sky. She punched her quad into turbo speed and prepared to come to the smooth portion of the track. She came to a tricky jump from the skies of this virtual world to the unforgiving ground below, but she jumped and landed with a bounce.

“Uh uh!” she grunted. She looked around for Jacob to make the handoff. Then, in a burst of fire, Jacob flew past her, and she pushed her quad to catch up. They met at some distance from the others, and his quad robotic arms came out to retrieve the sphere.

“I got it! Cover me and attack Aadi!” yelled Jacob, and he took off over the hard-packed ground.
Aadi watched as Eirena turned her quad in his direction. He gained fast on Jacob, and Eirena was right behind him.

Mitchell pulled up beside Eirena and said, “Use these. No mercy. Remember, you are on our team now!” He rode past her, and she pushed her engine into overdrive and gained on Aadi.

She yelled, “Aadi… heads up!” and threw the fire nails with precision. One nail of fire hit the sphere and caused it to go instantly pale orange. The other hit Aadi’s seat, burning off the back half. The final nail slipped, missing the handlebar, and hitting Aadi’s left arm.

When the fire nail hit his arm, his gaze jerked to meet Eirena’s. In an instant, her look turned from anger to remorse. His heart sunk because he couldn’t believe she would purposely hurt him. He turned away from her in anger and dismissed her as he rode away.

Aadi felt the sharp burning pain of the fire nail when it sliced through his suit and grazed his arm. The pain and smell of burned flesh didn’t hurt half as bad as Eirena’s betrayal. He knew she was competitive, but he never knew she would turn on him in such a brutal way just to win a stupid videogame. If she wants to play that way so be it, he thought, Two can play at that game.

Eirena started to slow down a bit. She glanced to the left, only to see Raiko speed up beside her. Raiko came up beside her and stood on her seat with the poise of a trapeze artist. Raiko glared at Eirena and then placed her hands on the handlebars of her quad, while keeping speed with Eirena. As Raiko balanced on the handlebars, she whipped out a snake-like kick to Eirena’s face. Eirena felt the ache of the blow as her head jerked to the right.

“Raiko, I am sorry! Don’t,” said Eirena. Before Eirena could speak another word, Raiko whipped out another kick to Eirena’s chest and continued her attack. Eirena fought hard to hold on, but the quad was speeding forward.

“I don’t want to fight you!” said Eirena, and Raiko flipped onto her seat, pulled up closer to Eirena’s quad, and punched Eirena’s neck with such force that Eirena began to gag and choke. A tear fell from Eirena’s eyes, but Raiko still didn’t back down. Instead, she kept punching, punching, and punching Eirena in the neck while Eirena tried to hold on to the handlebars. Eirena had stopped fighting, but Raiko wasn’t finished. She squatted on her quad to land a powerful side kick to Eirena’s stomach, sending her over the edge of her quad. Eirena was barely holding on to one handlebar when Raiko jumped onto Eirena’s quad and pounded down with her fist. Eirena tried with all her might to fight through the sharp punches, but her fingers slipped one by one. Then, Raiko raised her hand and looked at Eirena with anger before she punched with all her might on Eirena’s last two fingers.

Eirena was out of the game. Raiko shook her head and smiled as she climbed on her quad and threw a fireball at Eirena’s quad. She watched as Eirena’s quad blew up and pieces of it fell like an umbrella around her.

Eirena fell into the darkness. She shook herself awake, feeling groggy from the transition to the real world.

“What have I done? What have I done!” she said.

Thanks so much for sharing. That was very cool.
And what is next in line for your writing?

This year holds for me some rather large adventures. The release of THE PACK-RETRIBUTION this fall is exciting. It's the second time I've written a second book in a series and I was challenged in keeping it fresh and fast paced. I am releasing my first ever short story, FLUTTER OF LUV, and have decided to do a similar type of release in 2013. Also, a new paranormal series, PURGATORY REIGN, is a first for me since I've always written Science Fiction.

My writing schedule this year has gotten off to a shaky start but I hope to write three novels and one short story this year. Wish me luck since I'll also be participating in Nanowrimo.

If you want to party with me, please join me at my next Facebook Release Party for YA Taste Test, right here.


FLUTTER OF LUV, right here.

Sounds like a full schedule and a ton of fun :)

To learn more about this lovely lady and enter to win one of seven prize packs, please check out the links below.

Happy touring everyone :)

Please join me tomorrow when I tell you about myself and what I love so much about writing.

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