Monday, March 5, 2012

So Many Things To Tell You!!

I love getting updates on where other writers/bloggers/readers are at and what's been happening for them. So I have decided to turn my February progress report into a monthly feature. Please join me by adding your progress into the comments section below. It'll be fun to see what everyone is doing.

Okay - so what have I been up to... and what's around the corner?

February was a great month with the release of Pure Blood. People seem to be enjoying it and I have already received some great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It's such a relief to know it's hit the mark. I was really nervous people wouldn't like the way I've ended it, but they do. Yay!

March has brought with it some more sunshine...

- Golden Blood is now available in paperback with a brand new cover. I really love it and have been getting great feedback.

- I did my first public reading last week to a bunch of middle grade kids. It went so well. The kids loved the concept of the book and asked fantastic questions. It was so cool to see such interest and enthusiasm. I have another reading coming up in a couple of weeks, plus two other high schools have asked me to come and talk to their English classes about writing. Freaky!!! but awesome :)

- T. G. Ayer (a writing friend of mine) and I were interviewed by the local paper about our books. We were both a little nervous, but the interview went really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the article - hopefully this week.

- This week, Golden Blood and Black Blood are both on sale through the Read an E-Book Week promotion on Smashwords. There are so many excellent books to get your hands on. Definitely worth checking out.

- I have also listed a Golden Blood Giveaway on Goodreads. There are two paperback copies available, so I'm looking forward to passing those on.

- Writing wise, I have finished my final edits on Forbidden Territory. Brenda is now doing hers and then we're going to hand it out to one more lot of beta readers to see if our major changes have hit the mark. Exciting! Can't wait to see what the readers think.

Also coming up this month...

- The new Black Blood cover will be revealed. I'm so happy with it. I think it's GORGEOUS. Can't wait to show you guys soon!

- The Golden Blood blog tour kicks off on March 26th. There are so many awesome blogs participating. I really hope you can join us. Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews has done such an awesome job putting it together. "Thank you" seems like such an insufficient word sometimes.

- I also have a few features coming up on Indies Unlimited. This is a very cool site and they have been so awesome and enthusiastic about promoting my books. I feel very privileged.

Well - I think that's all from me.
What have you been up to?


  1. Congratulations on your new cover, very nice!

  2. LOVE the new cover!!!!!!!! X

  3. Thanks girls :) So glad you like it. I'm really excited about the new series of covers!