Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Tag Party

The lovely S.A. Larson recently began a new kind of tag. A book tag. What a brilliant idea!

I was lucky enough to get tagged by the wonderful C. M. Keller, author of Screwing Up Time (a most excellent book). 

Here are the rules.


   Post rules!
   Tag a BOOK. Yup, it can be a traditionally or Indie published book or a short story in a published book. Want to tag a writer who doesn't have a book out yet? No problem. Tag an idea/beta read you've discussed with them or a blog post you savored. The only catch is you must let the writer know you've tagged them and be fairly confident they will keep the chain going. 
This could be a fabulous way to help traditional as well as Indie authors get the word out about their books!!!! It's also a way for word to travel about awesome bloggers, their posts, and their blogs. Won't you help!!

So I decided to play along. And I'm tagging the talented South African/Kiwi writer, T G Ayer. I've just finished reading her book Dead Radiance... all about Valkyries and Norse Mythology. Pretty cool!

Here are the links to her blog and her Facebook fan page. She tweets at @TGAyerAuthor

I hope we can keep this going. Happy tagging everyone :)

(PS - sorry about the font change - I'm having a few issues today!)

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