Saturday, March 31, 2012

So Many Things To Tell You!!

Welcome to the April addition of So Many Things To Tell You!! Yes, in NZ it's April already. I can't believe how fast this year is going!

Anyway, March was such a fantastic month, in fact so much has been happening, it's almost ridiculous :) Here are some of the awesome things I got to celebrate...

- Golden Blood was released in paperback

- I have been to visit several schools in the area where I met the wonderful librarians and got to chat to a few kids. It's been so fun talking about the trilogy and personally selling books to the kids. They are so enthusiastic about it all and always ask the best questions

- Julie from A Tale of Many Reviews hosted a stupendous blog tour for me. THANK YOU, JULIE!!!! I had so many excellent reviews come in from the bloggers involved and there are no words to describe how good it feels to know people are enjoying the books. There are still opportunities to win copies of Golden Blood if you want to check out the tour schedule. I feel very honoured to be featured on these awesome blogs... they are worth checking out. Golden Blood Tour Schedule

- I ran a giveaway for Golden Blood on Goodreads and the two winners were announced last night. Congratulations Arielle from NZ and Colena from TN, USA. I'm so glad you guys won and I really hope you enjoy the book

- Goodreads has been ticking along with more and more people adding Golden Blood to their reading list. It's so exciting for me. I really, really, REALLY hope people enjoy the book(s) :)

- Black Blood and Pure Blood also won Top Choice Awards on, which is a very cool site that lets teens review the books that are written for them.

- And the last thing I'll mention from the month is that Brenda and I have handed out Forbidden Territory to our beta readers and so far, we are getting excellent feedback. We should have all the feedback in within the next couple of weeks and then we can do our final tweaks and edits and get on with marketing. Exciting!!

So - after such an amazing month, what does April hold for me?

- Black Blood is released in paperback TODAY, which means the first two books in the trilogy are now available on Amazon in paperback!! (Digitally, all three books are available through,, Smashwords and all the distributors affiliated with them - Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel, Apple, Kobo & Baker-Taylor)

- I will be running a Black Blood Giveaway on Goodreads this month - keep an eye out for it :)

- Brenda and I are editors for a YA Paranormal and Contempory Romance Sampler that is coming out this month. It is packed full of awesome excerpts from nine great writers whose work has either just been released or is due out this year. The best part about it, is it's going to be absolutely FREE!!

- The school holidays are coming to town in NZ so I will be having a small break in early April, but when I get back, I'll be back to visiting schools - I have talks lined up at three local high schools, so I'm looking forward to meeting some older kids as well.

- And the last thing I'll mention - I am involved in the Easter Bunny Book Hop being hosted by Books4Tomorrow and TattleTale. It is a very cool event running from 5th - 30th April. There are SO many prizes being given away, so keep an eye out for it. Should be super fun :)

I think that's everything for now. I'm sure I'll think of more stuff as April rolls around. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me on Twitter, liked my FB page and followed my blog this month. I so appreciate your support and interest.

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC April. I'd LOVE to hear some updates from your writing and reading life

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Time To Find The Sunshine

I hurt my back yesterday, I mean really hurt my back. I stupidly picked up something really heavy and felt something ping, then promptly passed out for a few seconds. Awesome.

I am now wobbling around and wincing whenever I move in the wrong direction. It's so not fun :(

Anyway as I groaned my way into bed last night, I picked up my little "Thought For The Day" book and it was talking about gratitude, that even when things suck, there is always something to be grateful for. As tempted as I was to fling the book across the room, I did take a moment to count my blessings and it totally worked. I did feel better.

So as I sit here this morning in relative discomfort, I have decided to find the sunshine. Here are just a few things I'm grateful for in my writing life...

1. Even though my back hurts, my hands are still working, so I can still sit at my computer and type

2. I am currently involved with a very cool blog tour, which is putting my trilogy out there

3. The Time Spirit Trilogy is getting great reviews, people are enjoying it and spreading the word

That's the one I want to focus on. People are enjoying the books. That was the reason I decided to put my work out there, so people could have a fun-filled, exciting read and they are.

So that is my sunshine today.

What's yours?

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Golden Blood Blog Tour Has Begun!!

I'm breaking my own rules today. I'm actually posting exactly the same thing on both my blogs, but I just really want to spread the word as far and wide as I can. I hope you don't mind :)


It's finally here. The Golden Blood Blog Tour has finally arrived. Whoppee!!!

I'm very excited because so many fantastic blogs are in this tour and I feel very privileged to be featured on their sites.

The first five are already up. If you'd like a chance to read some deleted scenes from Golden Blood, a guest post or two and some reviews, please take the time to visit.

Here is the tour schedule:

Please help spread the word far and wide. There are chances to win free copies of Golden Blood plus a grand prize at the end of the tour.

Thanks so much for everyone's help... and thank you so much to Julie for organizing this. You are such a legend. All your time and energy has been so appreciated :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Hunger Games: District Indie

YA writers and bloggers unite each week to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about what it's like going indie in today's publishing world.

I'm so excited about writing this post. It's such a brilliant idea! Today we have to choose characters from books we've written or read who would kick butt in the Hunger Games. How cool is that?

You all know who I'm going to choose, right? 
Of course I have to choose them!

Gemma Hart for sure, would physically rule in the Hunger Games. She is a good fighter, fast, strong, intelligent. Her only weakness would be her kind heart. She would really struggle to compete in a competition where innocent people were hurt. She's the kind of person that would probably take the bullet rather than seeing someone else go down. In saying that, if someone she cared about was in the arena, she would do whatever it took to protect them.

The next competitor I have to pick is Gemma's brother, Dominic. He would be a force to be reckoned with. He is big, strong, powerful and doesn't have the same hesitations as Gemma. I think the odds would be ever in his favour :)

I'm writing this with shivers running down my spine. I don't like the idea of my characters being in the Hunger Games. Especially if only one of them could survive! Scary!!!
I'm such a mom!!

So - who do you think would be awesome in the Hunger Games?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking It Easy

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as me. Writing is not a full time gig, therefore we fill whatever spare time with have with it. I don't mind this at all. I love writing so much that it really doesn't feel like work.

The only problem, is that I end up always working. Even though it's enjoyable, I don't often take it easy. I keep ploughing through no matter how sore my eyes are, no matter how bad my head aches. I just want to get stuff done.

I realized this morning when I woke up feeling... well, not too crash hot, that I have been flirting with burn out.

I don't ever want to get to the point where writing is hard work. If I ever am at a place where the thought of writing doesn't excite me, then I really need to take a break.

I'm not hating writing at all today, but I do need to take it easy. So - after this post, I am going to ignore the call of Twitter and Facebook, put my writing journal away, close my computer for a little while, read a book, have something to eat and just enjoy some time where I'm not putting too much thought into anything.

Now don't get me wrong - I won't be able to resist checking e-mails later today, but I will not be spending a long chunk of time working on my laptop.

I think by doing this, I will be able to approach my work with fresh vigour tomorrow. Let's hope it works :)

Do you take breaks?
How important do you think they are?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pure Blood has a NEW COVER!

I was going to wait and reveal the Pure Blood cover just before the paperback comes out in May, but all three will be revealed in the blog tour next week, so I thought I should get on with it :)

So last week, I introduced you to the new cover of Black Blood. This week I have the pleasure of revealing the final cover for the Time Spirit Trilogy.

I'm very excited. Amanda Crane has done such a wonderful job. Camilla (my model) once again looks stunning and captures Gemma beautifully.

I feel as though these new covers have brought the books to life. I was in the book store the other day checking out covers and the Time Spirit books definitely fit. They could sit proudly on those shelves and look like they belonged there.

Thank you, Amanda!!!

So - here you go people, the final cover in the trilogy - Pure Blood.

Over the next couple of days I'll be updating the cover on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords and my blog.

Friday, March 16, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Luck O' The Irish

YA writers and bloggers unite each week to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about what it's like going indie in today's publishing world.

Luck - it is an interesting word, particularly when you are referring to fiction. As writers we are taught that conflict is the name of the game. Every scene should have some point of tension, even if it is a very small one. So how are our characters supposed to have any luck when their evil authors are making life as difficult as possible?

I decided to do a search on the word "luck" in one of my manuscripts and I found that anytime I had written the word luck or lucky, the word was quickly followed up with some very unlucky circumstances.


Oh do the be the creator of such complications. Isn't writing fun?

So - here is an excerpt of one of the lucky/unlucky moments in Forbidden Territory due for release July 2012. (I've done some editing to shorten the scene a little.)

    What the hell was going on? How could Tom not tell us he had a posh, snooty girlfriend? And the way he’s been leading Lexy on…. I was gonna kill him.

    Jumping off the bench with ferocity, I stomped down the stairs and took a left straight into Tom’s bedroom.
    “Hello Thomas,” I mimicked Victoria’s accent.
    The lucky guy managed to collect his falling towel just in time and wrap it securely around his waist.
    “Mica, hello. Listen do you mind if I just get dress…” his sentence faded.
    The venomous look I was going for was obviously working. Good!
    “Tell me something Thomas, what does it mean in England when someone’s your girlfriend?” I saw his face crumple with confusion. I continued talking before he had a chance to answer. “Because in New Zealand it means that that girl is exclusively yours, you go out on dates together, you kiss, you cuddle and YOU DON’T FLIRT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!”
    “Well, it… it means the same in England, yes.”
    I let out a sound of disgust before pushing him solidly in the chest. He fell onto his bed with a look of shocked fear. Was I really that intimidating? Double good.
    “I can’t believe you’re a pee-head. I had such high hopes for you.”
    “Mica, what are you talking about?”
    “Lexy’s my best friend and I don’t want to see her get hurt. This is gonna kill her.” I lifted up my palm to reveal Victoria’s name in smudged blue ink.
    Tom leant forward to read it, but couldn’t quite make out the letters.
    “Your girlfriend called.”
    The blood drained from Tom’s already pale face and his shoulders slump.
    “Let me guess… Victoria, right?”
    “Yeah!” My anger was still present, but the look on his face was making it settle.
    “She’s not my girlfriend.”
    “Well she seems to think otherwise.”
    “S-She was my girlfriend.” Tom held up a hand to stop my angry approach. “But we broke up before I came here." 
    I let my gaze linger on Tom’s face. He was being honest.
    “You know Oxford, I’d be willing to take back that pee-head insult, and all the foul things I called you on the way downstairs, if you promise to do something for me.”
   He gave me a tentative nod.
    “Tell Lexy. Tell her everything, because if you don’t and she finds out through some secret means, you’ll never get her back. She’s a straight up kinda girl and hates being lied to. I love my best friend and I don’t want to see her get hurt. You need to ring and tell Miss Snooty Pants it’s over.”
    Tom physically shuddered. Man, that girl must be scary.
    “I know. I’ll… I’ll try.”
    “Don’t try. DO it! I have to be honest with ya. I’m gonna tell Lex about Victoria. We tell each other everything, so either way, she’s gonna find out, but when she does and she confronts you on it… you need to have a pretty sweet sales pitch ready or you can say goodbye to the best thing that's ever gonna happen to you.”
    Tom looked crushed. 
    “Don’t cock this up, Oxford. Make the call then tell Lexy the truth.”
    “When will you talk to her?” His urgent voice made me pause in the doorway.
    “I don’t know. I’m not really looking forward to the conversation.”
    “I know what you mean.” He took a large gulp. "I'd really appreciate a little time. If you could just hold off telling her."
    "She'll know something's up."
    "I know. She has eyes like a hawk." His grin only lasted a second. "I just need to figure out exactly what I'm going to say."
    I reluctantly nodded. “Good luck, Tommy boy.” 

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