Friday, February 10, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Some like it hot

YA writers and bloggers unite each week to share their thoughts, hopes and dreams about what it's like going indie in today's publishing world.

This week we are looking at steamy excerpts from YA novels.

As a YA writer I am very aware that my audience is young and impressionable. I have certain lines that I believe don't need to be crossed and therefore I don't like to delve into the hot and steamy unless I feel it is absolutely necessary.

I don't have a problem with reading excerpts like that in books and to be honest, I think parents should be vetting what young teens read anyway, so it's kind of up to their discretion.

I don't really want to promote sex in high school. However I am not dumb enough to think that my characters are not typical teenagers who are passionate, emotional beings... and there is nothing wrong with some really great kissing :)

Here's my favourite kiss from Golden Blood (Bk #1 in Time Spirit Trilogy).
Gemma has just told Harrison what she really is...

    Harrison rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. “You think your power has anything to do with this fire feeling?”
    Gemma shrugged. “Who knows.”
    “It’s definitely a sign though, right?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “A sign we should be together.”
    “Too bad we can’t.” Gemma let go of his hand, trying to ignore the depression that was pressing down on her.
    “Why not?”
     Gemma looked at him. “Haven’t you been listening to anything I just said?” She stood. Wiping the sand from her butt, she walked away from him, fighting for breath.
    “Gemma, I heard every word.”
    She turned to see him rising from the sand, looking confused.
    “Then you know why!”
    A small smile jumped over his lips then faded as he took a step towards her. “I know that you finally trust me enough to tell me the truth.”
    Gemma’s heart skipped as he took another step forward.
    “I know I want to be with you.”
    He took another step.
    “How are you okay with this?” Gemma took a step back. “I can travel through time!”
    Harrison shrugged and closed the distance between them. “Hey, I was cool with alien, this isn’t much different.”
    “I’m a total freak!”
   “Yeah.” He grinned as he thread his fingers through her belt loops and pulled her towards him. “But you’re my freak.” His breath tickled her skin as he leaned towards her and whispered, “Face it, Hart, you’re stuck with me. I knew the second I touched you my life had changed and you knew it too.”
    “And, um… how do you know that?”
    His eyes lit with amusement. “Your birthmark’s showing.”
    Gemma couldn’t swallow down her gasp. It came out all breathy as she reached for her shirt and tried to yank it across her collarbone. He stopped her with quick fingers. She kept her eyes on his face as he moved her shirt aside and gently slid his thumb over her skin. It burned hot.
    His fingers lingered there for a moment as if wondering at the searing sensation then began moving. They danced over her flesh and came to rest on the back of her neck. His thumb gently rubbed the edge of her jaw.
    She could barely breathe as he leaned towards her with a soft smile. Their lips met for a delicate introduction. Gemma had never felt anything like it in her life. A tender flame danced along her soft skin then grew with fervor as Harrison deepened the kiss. His tongue was warm and delicious.
    The world around her became fuzzy as every sense in her body drew itself into the kiss. It was magic… and she knew that one taste was never going to be enough. There was no way she could live without this. The implications of that fact were deadly. 

So what's your take on the hot and steamy in YA novels?

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