Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Debutante Ball, A Feast of Debut Authors

Announcing Golden Blood YA Paranormal by Melissa Pearl

Gemma never meant to fall in love with Harrison, let alone tell him she could travel through time. But it's too late... her secret is out and now she must face the consequences of her decisions.

Unable to resist each other, the two teens ignore all the rules and dive into the unknown. And so begins a battle to save their love and their lives. 

"Ms. Pearl's debut novel is YA and a reading treat. She kept me guessing until the end, setting up conflicts and mysteries that bounced my emotions around. As the MC grows in character, she gets the proverbial rug pulled out from under her. Great storyline."

"I loved this book! Harrison and Gemma were engaging, and the plot pacing was great. The author does a good job of satisfying the reader while making them salivate for the next book."
Author, C. M. Keller -

Pick up your very own copy of Golden Blood, YA Paranormal Romance at Amazon or Smashwords.

Read the first 20% of the book here.

If I was sucked into Golden Blood, I'd be Gemma. She is a girl desperate to follow the rules and win her parents' approval, but keeps missing the mark. It gets worse when she falls in love with Harrison, a boy her parents would never approve of. Although he makes her happier than anyone ever has, she is still plagued with fear that her parents will find out she's been lying to them and take it all away.

If my ultimate dream came true and my book was made into a movie, I'd be the happiest person alive. In my mind, Gemma looks like Megan Fox and Harrison looks like Alex Pettyfer.

Want more of Golden Blood? Of course you do! 
And you want to know the best part? 
Book 2 in the series is due out tomorrow!! 
So I'm throwing in a copy of Black Blood for you to enjoy as well.

1st prize: ecopies of Golden Blood & Black Blood, plus a $15 Amazon gift card
2nd & 3rd prizes: ecopies of Golden Blood & Black Blood

This is what you'll get just by leaving a comment--but wait!
The more shout outs you do on Facebook, Twitter or where you hang, the more chances you get to win! Just let me know what you've done in this post! (one entry per shout out per day--YES, per day!)

Contest ends on December 31st.

All WINNERS will be announced on January 2nd, on respective author blogs. (Unless otherwise noted.)

Want to win some more? Please follow the author names and dates below! Good luck and have FUN!

12 Elizabeth Mueller

13 Regan Guerra

14 Melissa Pearl

15 Claudia Lefeve

17 Pendragon Innmen 

19 Alex J. Cavanaugh

21 Fiauna Lund

22 Anastasia V. Pergakis

23 H. Linn Murphy

27 Patti Larsen

28 Red Tash

29 Annetta Ribken


  1. I think I'm prob a bit old for YA fiction but I'd love to read your work Melissa so I'm in!

  2. Love Gemma. Love Harrison
    Go Mel! This is an awesome series xx Tee

  3. Hey Melissa, I shared on my facebook and twitter. Love the sound of this book :)

  4. Oops, and of course your listed on my blog :)

  5. Woohoo!! Book 2 is coming out!! Well done You!
    - Kim

  6. Congratulations on Golden Blood. This sounds like an absolutely amazing story and I have to have it. I wish you and all the other authors here huge success.

  7. Sounds like another great YA Paranormal! I love reading YA even though I'm an adult. Congrats on the second book release as well! That's fabulous news.

    I shared on facebook and twitter (links below for you).

  8. Ooh! It sounds so intriguing. Can't wait to read it!

  9. I am loving this idea! I just finished writing sort of a similar book It'll be interesting seeing how similar and how different these are! I can't wait!
    I'm going to share this on my blog and on Facebook too. You GO, girl!
    (Now to keep my kids from reading these before I can.)

  10. How cool! A two book bash--and YA too (even better!). Totally count me on board.

  11. WOOOT! Congrats on your babies, Melissa! I love your choice of actors--hot! ;)

    I've shouted out on:
    facebook--5 shares from the Debutante Event page




    Wishing you the best, Melissa! <3



  12. Ooh, sounds so good. And who wouldn't want their character to be played by Megan Fox. I mean, really. And now I'm going to go post this on Facebook.

  13. Yay - it's so fantastic to see people dropping by. I love having you visit. Can't wait for people to read the books :)

  14. What a great looking series :) Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a massive success. I'll share on Twitter and fb :)


  15. Cindy & Emailman - nice to see you :)
    Thanks for spreading the word and entering.

  16. Hey Melissa! Not entering to win, just showing my support for my fellow Debutante authors. Looks like you have a lot of comments though.

  17. Thanks for your support, Alex. I look forward to seeing your post on the 19th :)

  18. I'm confused. Are there 2 contests for black blood? I entered the one on rafflecopter, and it says that one is over now, but on this site it says the contest is over on Dec. 31st.

  19. Sorry to confuse you, Jeeviebaby :) There are two contests. The YAlicious Black Blood contest ended today. I will be announcing the winners on that site tonight. THIS contest is part of the Debutante Ball - Feast of Debut Authors.

    Thanks for stopping by both :)

  20. I'd love to win! Thanks for this chance!

  21. Your book sounds so cool!

    I love "meeting" fellow ex-teachers. I was a high school English teacher for 5 years until I left and jumped into the business world.

    Good luck with your blog tour!

  22. Congrats on your debut release from another fellow ex-teacher (Science, me)!

  23. The book sounds fantastic--so happy to meet you during the tour! Best of luck with the new release, Melissa! :)

  24. Yay for teachers (ex-teachers J)!! So great to have you both visit :)

    Diana - thanks for stopping by as well.

    Patti - I think you are so fantastic. I'm really honoured to have you stop by. Can't wait to visit you on the tour soon :)

  25. Great job and Awesome looking book, Melissa!! Happy Holidays to you! ~ Joseph

  26. Thanks so much Cindy & Joseph. I'm having such a blast being part of this!

  27. Ooh, the book sounds really interesting. I'd love to win. Thanks and Happy Holidays! :)