Friday, November 25, 2011

YA Indie Carnival - Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving. I love it! I think it is SUCH a fantastic time of year and such an awesome tradition. I wish we celebrated it in New Zealand.

Although we don't, I don't see any reason why I can't be thankful. In fact, I find having an attitude of gratitude all year round can actually get you through some pretty tough times.

I just got home from hospital this morning, having spent two nights in there they I did not expect to have. While I was lying in there, my poor husband was contending with a baby and my other son who "had the throws ups." There has been plenty to lament in the last two days... but there has also been plenty to be thankful for.

- My son only had a 12 hour bug so was his bouncy, happy self this morning
- My baby has been an angel, sleeping when he should, eating well and doing everything his Daddy needed him to
- I had a room to myself, so although it was a hospital, and yes I was uncomfortable, I could almost pretend for a moment, like I was in a hotel :)
- I had time to catch up on some reading and got through two and a half books while I was laid up
- I realized just how many people love and care about me as I got numerous texts and phone calls from my family and friends
- I realized just how in love I am with my husband. He is an amazing man and I don't know what I'd do without him

So no matter what day of the week it is. No matter what I am going through, I know I am blessed.

Thanksgiving is a great time to stop and remember that.

So - what do you have to be grateful for?

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  1. Oh hope you're ok and out of the hospital Melissa!

  2. I'm grateful to your hubby too, he was amazing at keeping me in the loop. Glad you're home gorgeous. Missed you. PS: You could always celebrate your own version of Thanksgiving!!

  3. Thanks for your calls ZG. You're an angel :)
    We should get together next year and have our own little kiwi version - that'd be cool. You up for pumpkin pie?

  4. Pumpkin pie is sweet right? Can't get my head around that, but willing to give it a try ;-)

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better Melissa, and that you managed to find things to be thankful for in the midst of what seemed to be so much going wrong :-)