Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Your Motivation?

Well, my book has been on line for a couple of days now. I am finding it hard not to open my laptop every two seconds to see how many copies I've sold. It made me step back today and say, "Whoa, what's your motivation here. Is it the money?"

I had a good think and I can safely say, that no - I'm not being obsessive about checking because of the money. I mean, I am only selling it for 99c! I do have to admit, that if I could earn enough from this to be able to stay home and write, I'd be the happiest person on the planet (so buy my book J). Seriously though, that's not the main reason I put my book online. It's the sharing. The more copies I sell, the more people are reading my work and that is such a buzz for me.

Someone left a review on Amazon and Smashwords yesterday. Five stars with awesome comments. It made my day, because what that means, is that I gave someone a chance to lose themselves in a book... and they had a great time.

So why do I write? To lose myself in a story.
Why do I share? So someone else can get lost in a story too.

Why do you write?
Why do you share?
What's your motivation?


  1. My motivation? It's to get teens to read quality fiction. That's not an ego thing, and I'm not saying other stuff out there is bad, I just want to raise the bar as high as I can for myself first, and then hopefully for other writers.

    Congrats on the five star rating! I'll be the guy (jerk) who steps up to say please don't get upset if/when (probably when because people are REALLY picky) you get a one star. I'd love to see you keep writing :). Hopefully those negative reviews will be few and far-between :D

  2. Super Congrats Missy!
    And the motivation - I don't think it's so much the need to see the dollars mount up as it is to see the number of books sold. Books sold means more people are buying your little creation, more people can appreciate you efforts and hard work. And yes, Giles is right- the negative reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt- everyone, readers or non-readers, have an opinion and not everyong will like what they read.
    You have a unique story to tell - and readers are loving it!
    xx Tee

  3. Giles - I really love your motivation, that's awesome. I trained as a school teacher so I'm a HUGE fan of kids reading. As for the one star ratings, don't worry - I'm expecting them. It's just nice to start with a five :)

    Tee - Thanks for the encouragement. I like your motivation too. We do pour hours into our work, it's nice to be appreciated. I like what you said about a bad review too. Any form of entertainment is SO subjective and we have to respect that everyone has different opinions.

  4. That's a great start!
    Oh yes, and agree about the good reviews and the bad reviews as the pothers have said.
    I think that when you launch something new, like a blog, or a book - you are automatically drawn to see what the 'hit rate' is, becuase you want to know the stats of how many people are reading your new creation.
    Also - naturally, money does come into it, in a way, but personally - I think that there is more satisfaction is seeing your work out there with other people.

  5. Oh, check your laptop and don't worry about the 'obsession'. Besides, you have another sale. *click* LOL

    I write because the tales are pinching me like bad shoes. They will break out eventually if I don't, probably in a most public way.

    I share and hope to give folks a book that they read until 2 am because they can't put it down.

    My motivation: This fabulous community of writers. I had no idea so many lovely people were out there.

  6. Congratulations! It is hard not to check every second isn't it?! I don't have an ereader though, so I'm sad that I won't be able to buy a copy. :( But I wish you the very best of luck with it!

  7. I just bought your book. I can't wait to read it.

  8. Parchmentplace - Great to see other people obsess about their hit rate too :)

    Huntress & Connie - Thanks so much for buying my book. I hope you enjoy it. I always strive to write books that keep people up reading late into the night. That's the sign on a good story. I think the writing community is awesome. People are so generous with their time and everyone seems to want to help one another. I love it.

    Heather - If you do want to read my book, you can buy it as an HTML file from Smashwords, which means you can read it off your computer :)

  9. I do the same thing. It's not about the money, it's about how many people are reading it. I would love to be able to click back to them and say, "Did you like it? Was it good enough? What did you really think." I think it has to do with validation rather than conceit or vanity.

  10. I agree, Anne. I would LOVE to know what people were thinking when they read my stuff :)