Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know I'm going to find this review hard to write. My views are a little contradicting, so bear with me :)

Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini.

Firstly I want to say that I loved this book. I would definitely read it again and I highly recommend it, but be warned... it is also hard work.

Helen is a shy, awkward student who can't stand attention. She keeps her head down and gets on with life. This all begins to change when she meets Lucas, the most beautiful boy she's ever seen. To her surprise, she is overtaken by an incredible urge to kill him. An ancient curse means Lucas and Helen are destined to hate each other, but love can be stronger and so begins an epic battle of will power.

What I loved about the book was the awesome characters. The backstory and Helen's history is so cool. I found it really hard to put down, because I wanted to find out more about her, where she came from and all about Lucas' family.

What I found hard going was the fact that Lucas and Helen, in spite of their love, could not be together. It was so frustrating. Every time I got my hopes up, they would once again be dashed. I was constantly battling between elation and disappointment as I turned from page to page.

I am pleased to see that this is only the first book in the trilogy, so my hope for the pair lingers. My advice would be be to wait and read the book closer to May 2012. Book 2 is due out then and it might be easier to slide straight from this book into the next. Having to wait months, is going to be tough.

Definitely add this to your reading list though. In spite of my emotional roller coaster ride, I can't wait to read it again in May :)


  1. Hi doll,

    I was offered this book to review as an advanced reading copy, and for some reason I declined it. I think that it had something to do with the blurb for the book that made me turn away from it.

    Then when it was published, and there was massive hype around it, I just couldn't understand it - and started watching YouTube interviews with the author and publisher, etc.

    I'm still hesitant to pick it up to this day...

  2. I understand. I read it because it had been recommended to me. I love all the Greek mythology in it :)

  3. Hey Melissa! I gave you an award on my blog today!

    And I've heard good things about this book. I need to read it!

  4. Yay - an award. How fun! Thanks so much :)

  5. Hi Melissa! Thanks for commenting my blog! I'm always excited to hear from people. I noticed your first book is supposed to come out this month. That's so exciting for you! I'd like to hear more about it. How would you like to do an interview on my blog? I'd work in a question or two about your book so you could tell us a little about it. If you're interested, please email me at reece(dot)hanzon(at)gmail(dot)com. Hope to hear from you!

  6. Hey Reece :)
    I'd love to do an interview. WIll flick you an e-mail now.