Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Close together or far apart?

Golden Blood is on the market and I'm now preparing Black Blood for release in December. I've decided to put the books out relatively close together as I can't stand reading a trilogy and having to wait MONTHS for the sequels. By the time you get the second or third book, you've usually forgotten all the little details of the other books.
Now, I haven't done any marketing research on this strategy, so I don't know if it's a wise move or not, but I've decided to go for it anyway.

I wrote the trilogy as one before deciding to pursue publishing. This was a story I had to get out of me and it felt incomplete writing the first one and leaving the other two books for later. I wanted to get the ENTIRE story out. I'm glad I did it this way, because after my beta readers gave me their feedback, I went back and rewrote 80% of Book One. Book Two and Three, reaped the benefits of that decision too. I can safely say that what I have put out there for readers to enjoy is what I consider to be my best work so far... and they won't have to wait an age to complete the trilogy.

But how does that affect the momentum of book sales? Do publishing companies purposefully wait so long between books because they want to make their audience extra hungry? In my case that strategy has sometimes back fired. I've had to wait so long that I've forgotten to look for the next book or I have forgotten too much of the last one to bother.
Maybe publishers wait so long, because the author hasn't completed the next book and they want to see how sales go on Book One before taking a risk on Book Two. That could be one of the benefits of self-publishing. No matter what my sales are like, for the people out there who enjoyed Golden Blood, they are definitely going to be able to finish the trilogy, because I WILL publish all three books.

What do you think?
Would you prefer publishers/authors to release their books close together or do you think it's better to have this big gap in between them?


  1. The closer together they are, the better. Readers like to see that there's a second book ready to read if they like the first. Most things I've read say the best thing you can do to increase buying is to get a second book out there.

    I wish I had my next book ready.

  2. Yay - I like reading comments like that :)

  3. My vote is for close together too. I can't count how many books I've read Book 1 of and have forgotten to look up Book 2 as it was still a year away from publication.

  4. Hey Mel... as per Daughter 16's response, three to six months is what they can handle. They like the wait, it adds to the excitement factor. But, if the wait is longer than 6 months then the heightened expectation is somewhat lost. So my best assumption would be 3-4 months. Sufficient time for marketing strategy, buildup of excitement, reviews to come in and for people to start talking about it...

  5. Thanks ZG and TG :)
    I get the impression so far, that close is good. TG - I like your daughter's response.
    I wonder if any of us should inform the publishing world ;-)

  6. I think Tee's daughter's answer of 3-6 months is good. I definitely think some waiting should be involved as it creates excitement, hype and anticipation. As for traditional publishing (the Big6) it takes them so long because of time constraints and because they have so many upcoming authors on their books. As for indie (small press) pullers they usually take 3-6 months which is the right target time.
    - KK

  7. Thanks for your comments, KK. 3-6 months makes a lot of sense :)

  8. I hate waiting too! Sometimes if a series looks really interesting, I'll hold off reading it on purpose until I have at least 2 books in the series to read. Sometimes I get lucky and discover a series that already has a lot of books out, so it'll take me some time to get through them all. I read insanely fast and my Husband is always telling me that I need to slow it down or I'll be out of material too quick! :) I agree with what someone else said about the 3 month thing. That's not too long to completely drive you insane, but long enough to build anticipation and excitement for the book. :)