Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Filing Cabinet

When I was a little girl, one of my FAVOURITE things to watch was Anne of Green Gables. I have seen those DVDs so many times now, I almost know them by heart.

As I was driving my son home from kindy yesterday, my mind was flickering with images of my new project and I wondered if I should be writing any of this down then a line from Anne of Green Gables came to me.

It was in the second series and the wind had blown all her pages of writing away. As she was offered help in gathering them up she said it really wasn't a problem. "I've got it all filed away in my imagination."

Me too!
Don't get me wrong, I do write stuff down, but when I'm in the middle of planning out a story, my imagination works as the perfect filing system. As scenes grow and develop, my filing cabinet is culled and new things are put in its place, but I find it a great way to work.

How do you guys plan?
Do you have everything filed away in your brain or do you have to get stuff down as soon as it comes to you?


  1. If I don't write it down quickly, I lose the specifics.

  2. I tend to write snippets down on the computer and then come back to them later - often because I find it hard concentrating on one storyline or idea at a time! Great to see your blog Melissa!

  3. Sarah - I have to write down any conversations I've finally perfected. I'm always afraid I'll forget those :)

    Sophie - so cool to see you! Am happy to now be following your blog too. I sometimes have a couple of stories floating around in my brain too. It's all part of the fun :)

  4. I brainstorm in a composition book.

  5. A composition book. I like the sound of that :)
    I have word documents coming out my ears with different scaps of info on them.

  6. That was supposed to say 'scraps' not scaps!!

  7. I do both. I've started using the mind node app for plotting, but when something is burning in my brain and begging to be written, I usually write in spiral notebooks or type in word documents.

  8. It's so cool seeing the different way people work.
    Thanks for sharing everyone :)

  9. I get some ideas off of the top of my head, and sometimes I'm able to keep them there. But I've found that, as I get older, I don't have as strong of a memory. Sometimes I have to jump back and forth between projects which makes it hard to remember everything I want to write. So I try to write down as much as I can before I forget :)