Monday, September 19, 2011

Have patience

When I was a kid and I started getting impatient, my Dad would always start singing this song...

"Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry. When you get impatient, you only start to worry..."

It used to drive me crazy!!
And now I sing it to my kids. Go figure :)

Funny how I still have to sing it to myself sometimes, especially when it comes to my writing.
I get so excited I want everything to happen now.
I want my career to start. I want my book to be finished. I want thousands of copies to sell.

I am learning that to do well in this particular career, it takes patience. If you want to succeed, you have to take the time to make your writing brilliant. You have to study, train, refine, improve, edit, change, adapt, revise... not to mention the benefits of getting your work critiqued. All of those things take time. It's worth taking a deep breath or two, stepping back and waiting until something is awesome before launching yourself forward.

I don't just want to be a writer. I want to be an outstanding writer... and so I must have patience, have patience, and not be in such a hurry.

Do any of you struggle with wanting to surge ahead?
What things do you find hard about the writing process?


  1. After I read this post a few day ago, I woke up in the night and what song is playing in my head "have patience...." I had to literally start singing something else to get it out, as it kept going over and over ;-)

  2. I've never had any patience. EVER. So trying to break into the publishing industry is like day to day torture for me. Good luck! lol

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets impatient :)

    I'm sorry for giving you an earworm, Zealous Girl :)