Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Self Publishing

I have been trying to get published for a while now and have always turned my nose up at the idea of self publishing. The thing that worries me about it, is that people can basically put whatever they want out there and what if it's not very good. I like the idea of my work being scrutinized and made brilliant by an editor. I like the idea of a publishing company thinking my work is good enough to market and stamp their name on. People who self publish just don't get that satisfaction.

However, I have been researching self publishing lately and I'm beginning to change my mind. Admittedly I have been reading articles about the amazing Amanda Hocking, who has just done so brilliantly. If that happened to me, I would be flying high! What an excellent start to a career in writing! Now, I'm not suggesting that I would ever manage to build up that kind of impetus, but wouldn't it be awesome :)

One of the main reasons I am seriously considering self publishing an ebook is because I have written a YA trilogy and I can't sell it as the first book of a potential trilogy. All three have to be published... the story lines are interwoven throughout the three books and the first one ends with a cliff hanger that, according to all my critiques, is brilliant. I don't want to lose it.

So - my thoughts are this...
Self-publish my trilogy in a digital format. Put it out there, use social media to market it and see how I go.
In the meantime I will continue to write and submit my single title manuscripts to agents.

So that's the plan. I still have a little more research to do before going ahead, but watch this space. By the end of the year you will hopefully see a copy of GOLDEN BLOOD available as an ebook.

What are people's thoughts on self-publishing? Who else out there has given it a go?
I would love to hear some stories.


  1. ...aside from Hocking's extraordinary accomplishments, the important issue as a writer is to be read. And if rewards someday follow in the form of a handsome payday, that would be the icing smeared upon an already tasty treat.

    Edit the thing until you hate it, for only then will it be ready. Then see where the story takes you. I have several colleagues who've done quite well by Kindle and Nook, Smashwords, and Amazon. But the key is, and always will put one's work within reach of our readers, and hope for the best ;)