Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm coming back!

Hey everyone,

Well I am now the proud mother of two lovely boys. My eldest just turned 4 and my baby is nearly 12 weeks old. Very, VERY slowly my brain is getting back some of the power that was sucked from it during pregnancy :)

I'm excited to say that, "I'M COMING BACK!!" The writing juices are starting to bubble in my brain again and I can't wait to dive back into my writing.

My first goal is to read through the work I had just started submitting before I got pregnant. If it's up to scratch I'll start submitting it again and hope for the best. It will be good to read it with fresh eyes. I wonder what I'll think :)

My second goal is to start updating my blog again on a weekly basis to let you guys know how I'm getting along in my writing journey.

I hope everyone is healthy and still loving the art of writing :)

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