Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Back In The Game

In 2010 I was obsessed with writing and getting published. It was all I thought about and having to switch my brain off to concentrate on other things was really hard.

Then I got sick.

Having to put aside my writing for close to a year was a little heart breaking, but now that I'm recovered and ready to start again I feel as though I have a new, fresh perspective... a healthier one.

I've just sent off my second query this week. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Extremely. Fretting that it won't be picked up and my life will be over? Not so much.

I would LOVE to get published. It would be a dream come true! But if I don't, I am going to keep on writing. I love writing and nothing is going to change that. All these stories racing around in my brain are meant to be put on paper and if the one I am currently submitting does not get picked up, another one might. No matter the outcome, I still get to write and that is the best part.

I am not hounded by the same sense of urgency anymore, so having to put writing aside to focus on my family and other things around me is much easier. I'm feeling greater joy in the whole process and far less bogged down. All I can hope is that I manage to keep this up.

A career in writing is what I want and I will work hard to get there, but I've come to realize that if it doesn't happen tomorrow, that's okay.

I hope everyone else is happy in their journey and writing with joy and passion.

Have a great week!

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