Friday, October 8, 2010

The best part...

I have been slow to update my blog recently. Having been holed up in bed for a couple of weeks now, my blog has been the first thing to go.

Raging a continuing war against self-pity I have stared at the ceiling and wished for release. I am now propped up with pillows and decided my blog needed attending no matter how I felt.

So what good has come from my convalesced state? Well, as I've lain hear hour upon hour, my mind has been able to wander and that is just so much fun :)

For me, imagining scenes in my head is the best part about writing. I love taking my mind to a new place where characters come to life. I don't need pen, paper or keyboard to do any of this. I just watch my characters talk to each other, choreograph exciting action sequences and feel all the emotion of what they are going through. It's totally awesome.

I am not out of the woods yet. I think I'm still a few weeks away from bouncing out of bed and being my normal self again, so in the meantime I will relish this time of exploration in my story telling.

What's your favourite part of story construction? So much goes into it - I'm fascinated to hear what others think.

Hope everyone is having a great writing week.