Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Gone!!

Spent last night refining my synopsis and sending off my manuscript to agent Laura Bradford. It's such a mix of excitement and fear as you press that send button, isn't it?

This is the first time I've had more than one person critique my work before sending it off and I found it really challenging. Out of the five writers who read my first few chapters for me, I had two different views. Three said - awesome, want to read more. Two said - the beginning was a little slow.
So who do I listen to?

Do you any of you struggle with that?

In some ways writing is so subjective. I can appreciate good writing, but I'm not drawn to everything I read. Of course my critique of a genre I don't love will be harsher.

One agent might read my stuff and hate it while another might love my voice and want to go for it.

I guess that's why this business is one of the hardest to break into. All I can hope is that there is an agent out there who likes my manuscript enough to want to work with me. I am more than happy to make revisions - I'm sure an agent or editor can suggest things I've never thought of.

I guess the point I am trying to make is... I have worked on this story until I think it is at it's best. Now I just have to bite the bullet and get it out there. If I believe in my work then it's going to get snagged eventually.

Hope everyone is having a great writing week :)


  1. Good Luck!!! (((HUGS)))!!! This has to be one of the hardest parts of writing... waiting!!!

    I'm still working on first drafts and revisions, which I already find daunting. I sit in awe of how hard you all work and know that you started with where I'm at right now.

    I wish you the best of luck! Right now I'm not having luck with the writing process. Each day this week I've had to force myself to write... does this happen to you?

  2. Good luck! The waiting is going to be difficult but the blogosphere is an excellent support system so when you need it, use it.

    Reading is SO subjective. People have different tastes and you need both good writing and luck that it'll land in the right agents hand.

  3. Thanks for your support ladies. Love checking my blog and seeing comments from you guys :)

    Although the waiting is hard, it feels so good to have my stuff out there.

    I struggle to write some days. In fact I actually took this morning off and just read a book in bed. I so needed to get away from my work for a while. It's been good for me. I feel re-energized and ready to start editing book 2 :)

  4. Good luck with your MS
    Its hard when there are differing opinions but be aware of what's best for your MS- an agent will see from from their POV, as opposed to a beta reader