Sunday, August 8, 2010

My First Chapter

I attended my first chapter meeting on Saturday. It was so much fun!!

It was the Auckland Chapter of the New Zealand Romance Writers Guild. There were about twenty of us and we met at a tennis club in Mt Eden. A couple of the members chatted about their experience at the big RWA conference in Florida. It was so cool hearing what they got up to and who they spoke to.

After that we went around the room and shared where we up to in our writing. I shared my YA trilogy project and they all encouraged me to pitch at the Auckland conference in a couple of weeks. I'm really nervous, but so excited at the same time. I've managed to get it down to a two sentence pitch.

"A time traveling teenager, resigned to a life of servitude and secrecy, finds the courage to break a few rules when the boy she has fallen for wants to be with her. As more and more people find out about their secret affair the stakes get high and she must fight against the people closest to her in order to save the one she loves."

How does that sound?
Any advice is highly appreciated :)

I know the agents will ask more questions from there, but hopefully that hook will be enough to snag their interest.

I'm really looking forward to the conference and can't wait to report back on it.
I'm also really looking forward to my next chapter meeting. It was so fun being in a room with a bunch of other people who have the same dreams I do and actually get how hard writing can be. Making connections isn't as scary as I thought it would be and I can see the benefits of it.

I hope everyone has a great writing week.


  1. The beginning really does peak my interest... though I'm not sure if you want to say "stakes". Writers are always told to raise the stakes to increase tension, etc. I think there could be a more creative way to say that or eliminate it entirely. The sentence still makes perfect sense if you say, "As more and more people find out about their secret affair, she must fight against the people closest to her in order to save the one she loves." The sentence reads just as well without it.

    My interest is peaked and remember it's just my opinion. If you think I'm off, feel free to ignore me entirely.

  2. I hope you don't mind me saying, but this is a 'pearl' of a blog. Keep up the good work there.

  3. ...interesting idea, one I've not come across in the past. You might very well have something here. Keep slamming the keys, and who knows?


  4. Love that you're working on a time travel! Growing up the only time travel YA book was (I think, don't quote me) by Caroline B. Cooney. Loved it, and would have been thrilled if I'd found more than just the one.

    Glad you had fun at your chapter meeting. I actually attended nationals before a chapter meeting. Now that I'm back, it's time to find my "family" here in my own state! : )

  5. Lovely to meet you Melissa. And your pitch sounds perfect! I would be hooked...after speaking to you about your trilogy, I am even more intrigued..