Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're All Going on a Winter Holiday....

If you live "down under" then you, like me, will be struggling through the wet and cold of winter. I don't mind the odd day snuggled up in doors, but my outlook changed drastically upon having a child :) Summer cannot come fast enough.

To all you top siders in the northern hemisphere I am happy for you. Enjoy the sunshine, the warmth, the certain freedom and joy that comes with knowing it is summer. A time for play. A time for fun.

In spite of my mild, winter blues, I am happy to announce that I'm heading off on holiday this weekend! We are flying to Sydney for a holiday with my brother and his wife. Should be super fun. I don't know what it is about getting away from home, but I believe it is essential to our sanity that everyone gets away at least once a year. The mental separation from work and duty does wonders for the brain.

So I won't be around next week to blog. I hope everyone, where ever you are in the world, has a fantastic couple of weeks and that everyone gets a chance to have at least one or two awesome writing sessions.

Now to get on with mine!

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