Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scene construction

How do you write your scenes?
Are you the type of person that concocts it all in your head first? Or do you take bullet point notes then turn it into a scene? Or are you the type who just sits down and lets your brain create as you type?
What works best for you?


Let's see..

The scenes that seem to come out best are ones I construct in my head first. Having done my planning, I know where I want the scene to go, but getting there in a unique and interesting way is the challenge.
I usually act out the scene where no one can see me :) and go over the dialogue until it runs smoothly. I then jot down the dialogue and any significant actions. I let that mull for a few days and come back to it. This is when I write my first draft. It is usually total crap and the only part I'm happy with is the dialogue. I then need to walk away again. I often find if I try and solve all the problems then and there I just get frustrated.
After stewing over what I've written (this can take as little as an hour and up to a few days), I head back to the keyboard and re-read the scene, adding, changing, taking away until draft 2 is complete.
I often have do this again to make draft three and then I'll move on.

I find it really hard to move on to my next chapter or scene until I'm happy with the one I've just completed. By happy, I mean that it's passable - not yet brilliant, but enough for me to put it out of my head and move forward.

I'd be really interested to read how others work.

I hope everyone has a great writing week :)

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