Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long overdue

I am ashamed to see that an entire month has gone by since updating this blog. Life has been ballistically busy and I am struggling to find time to write this blog let alone read the blogs I used to follow religiously. Something must be done!

I feel like this is my third or fourth post relating to this same issue, but life just keeps getting in the way. Having a very active two and a half year old who has cut his day sleep isn't helping. However, I cannot use this as an excuse. If I want a career in this industry (which, like so many, I desperately do) I must make the sacrifices necessary. Even if my brain has turned to custard in the evenings, I need to make the time to stay in touch.

SO.... from this day forth, I hereby declare that I WILL start blogging on a weekly basis. Even if it means sitting up until midnight, I will make the time to read my four favorite blogs and write one of my own.

Okay - so after that public announcement, I'll catch you up on where my writing is at...

After a few disheartening rejections, I have decided it's time to step back and make things right. I have been working my way through some EXCELLENT books on writing. I will review them in my next blog. These books have been inspiring and if I can implement some of these lessons my writing should move up a notch. There is a writing conference coming up in August that I'm hoping to attend. I would like to have my rewrite finished for pitching by then. I know that puts me under major time pressure, but it's good to have goals, right :)

I guess I better get on with it.

I hope everyone else is doing great and still finding the pure joy of losing yourself in the letters :)

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