Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time - where have you gone?

I can't believe it's nearly mid-March!!! These last few weeks have been manic. I have picked up a few at home jobs for my husband's school - data entry type stuff, plus my son has stopped napping during the day. My precious writing time is flying out the window!!
I have been keeping on top of my fortnightly assignments and I'm still querying agents, but everything else has been put on hold and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I MISS writing. I want to shut myself away for a whole day and bury my brain in an alternate world... one that I've created.
I guess I'm grateful that I'm sort of in between projects. I'm trying to get on with the planning stage of my next manuscript. My trilogy is thoroughly edited and awaiting feedback from an author who is helping me out. The book I've co-written with my friend is being sent out to various agents and I'm now trying to focus on something new, but when am I supposed to do this.
I must find the time somehow.
What do you guys do? When is your ultimate writing time? When is your "I can settle for that" writing time? And do you ever feel like I do and struggle to find any time to dance with your keyboard.

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