Monday, February 22, 2010

Planning - it's so worth it.

I have just received a really valuable critique for my current WIP. It is three pages worth of awesome suggestions for how to change, rearrange and rewrite my story to make it so much better.
Well - I've just done it. I've just spent the last three hours trying to re-work my first three chapters so I can send them off for the Chapter One Promotions competition... and now my unsure self wants yet another critique.
I don't know how everybody else feels, but I find it really hard to re-work material. I think my problem with this manuscript is that I started writing with gusto and then realized my planning was total crap. I am now having to work backwards to try and give this story punch and it's really hard!
So - what is the point of this particular blog. It is an encouragement to all you over enthusiastic writers like me to slow down, take your time and really plan out your story.
My goal over this month is to really nut out what I want in this WIP. I'm sure it will save me hours of frustration later on down the track. I am waving goodbye to my feeble two pages of bullet point notes and starting afresh with new, meaty planning that will keep my story on track.
In the meantime I will make my deadline by sending off my three first chapters and hoping with crossed fingers, toes and other appendages that I will get a look in :)

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