Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Testing the waters

I am school teacher, well, when I'm not being a mother that is. I substitute teach at the local middle school I used to work at before having my son. Having just finished at young adult trilogy that has been rejected by a few agents, I decided I'd test out my work on my target audience.
My friend's class has about 11 kids that were willing to read my work and give me some honest feedback. It's been awesome. So far the kids are loving it, but they have had a few things to say about character development and the odd scene that bugged them. When they have finished all three books, I'm going to pull them aside and interview them further on their thoughts.
Now granted, these kids are not seasoned writers. I understand this is not a professional critique, but I am finding this a really helpful exercise. I agree with the things they have mentioned and totally understand why they have given me this feedback. I'm looking forward to sitting down and undergoing a big revamp before starting to query agents again.
I guess what I'm most excited about, is that if the kids are bounding up to me at recess begging me for the next book then I might just be on to a good thing.

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