Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The waiting game

I have just completed a young adult fiction trilogy that I'm hugely excited about. I'm currently preening and perfecting it, with the hope that there is an agent out there who would love to take it on board.
Now comes the hard part. Getting it accepted. I am currently in the throws of learning all about how to do that and I'm loving every moment of it.
Except... the waiting. The waiting sucks!
You spend hours debating over every syllable of your query letter. You revise it to perfection. You spend hours reading agent blogs, finding ways to show them that you've done your research and you know a little about their style. Then you compose your e-mail, press that send button and wait.
Over the next few days I find myself obsessively checking my e-mail, willing a response to pop up on my screen. Even if it is a rejection, you know where you stand. You can feel sad then pick yourself up again and move on. But the waiting - that is just painful.
I guess this whole process is teaching me the art of patience and I should be very grateful. A little waiting never hurt anybody... just possibly made them mentally unstable :)
Any suggestions on how to make this part of the journey easier are more than welcome!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let It Begin

Learning the ropes of the writing world is a fascinating and daunting task. My dream of one day being published burns bright as I climb this steep hill.
In my enthusiasm to make this dream a reality I have made a few errors that I want to share in the hope that others will not make the same mistakes. Just a few tips from a very junior member of this profession...
1. Slow down - take the time that's needed to make your work shine.
2. Research, research, research - read blogs from other writers, read books designed to help you, chat to people in the business. Nathan Bransford's blog is FULL of awesome info to really help us "newbies" out.
3. Don't give up.
I am currently unpublished and in search of an agent. I have written several manuscripts now, two of which I think are ready to go. I will continue to put myself out there and learn what I can along the way.
I encourage everyone out there with the desire and follow through to finish a novel. I know how hard it is :) Keep putting yourself out there... the right way... you never know what the future holds.